Mystik – Burning Man 2011 – Performance Schedule

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MYSTIK will be part of Camposanto 2011 at 10:00 and D this year. Performances are currently scheduled for the following times:
Tuesday August 30, 2011

8 pm – 10pm = El Guru & Marta Legs
10pm to 11pm = Mike Crane
11pm to 12am = Danger Muffin
12am to 1 am = ** MYSTIK **
1 am to 2 am = Spacelotus
2 am to 3 am = RayRayJones

FRIDAY Night (09/02/2011)
10pm – 12 am = El Guru & Marta
12am – 1 am = RayRayJones
1 am – 2 am = * MYSTIK *
2 am – 3 am = Spacelotus
3 am – 4 am = Danger Muffin
4 am – 5 am = Led Zeppelin
5 am – 6 am = Mike Crane


Beat Symposium @ Camposanto 2011


Sunset Campout 2011 – The Gospel of House

Sunset Campout 2011

So, I just wrote part of a grizzly electro house track last night and another deeper attempt to re-capture the vibes from the river this past weekend, although I think my version might be a bit trancier… Somehow the DJ’s on Saturday night at the 2011 Sunset Campout this year in Belden, CA, had seriously the freshest, funkiest and fattest basslines, with very complex polyrhythms for house music. Moreso than I ever remember hearing before, and I used to go out to Chicago parties for about 3-4 years. It was very deep, textural, ambient, and soulful while at times being somewhat minimal and disco-oriented. Also other moments had some king kong & godzilla stomping over an Earth-invasion style track…wicked, spacey, brutal and ultra Chicago house. I feel like The Godfather just bestowed a lesson upon me! Much respect to Larry Heard, aka Mr. Fingers. I had heard lots of chatter before, but now I understand. At least a bit more…but my man dropped it like a heavyweight. He layed it on T H I C K ! Also, Akufen followed up nicely too…keeping the vibe flowing along similar veins. Super rockin!

Is it possible to recreate or re-experience this music again? I hope so…it was so good!

Radio Explore Yo!

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Mystik Sound hosts Radio Explore

Last week Mystik Sound Studios hosted the first SF based online radio broadcast outside of owner Spacelotus’ infamous Spacelab studio. For those in the know, we broadcast a live dj show with resident djs and the occasional special guest every other Thursday night from 8 pm – 12 am.

It was awesome to play again and host for the first time, test out the studio’s new Xone 92 mixer (which is working like a champ!) and we had awesome sets from Ray Ray Jones, Ryury, Spacelotus and myself…

Check below for the Mystik mix from that session, featuring mostly Mystik Luminate psychedelic trance productions and in promotion of Mystik Luminate’s debut artist album “Up To Dawn” now available on our web site ( and on iTunes!

Mystik & Mystik Luminate Originals DJ Set by mystikluminate

Mystik to remix the Dylan Trees’ “Perpetual Motion”

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Dylan TreesMYSTIK is working with the Dylan Trees, a psychedelic folk rock trio from Los Angeles, to do remix a track entitled “Perpetual Motion” off their forthcoming album, Victoryville.

The band just came through San Francisco for their second concert here in 2 months, both of which have been at The Rickshaw Stop.

Fresh back from a summer full of parties and having just completed a remix of D-Nox & Beckers’ forthcoming track “Call Me” for a and Release Records remix competition, Mystik is looking forward to getting started on the Dylan Trees remix and adapting it from a vocal rock song to what the band wants to be more of an acid-house style track.

Stay tuned for more info! Check out for more information, news, unreleased tracks, and downloadable dj mixes. Also, learn more and hear more tunes on the following links:

New Web Site Launched!

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Hey music fans! I just updated the Mystik Sound web site with a new design including several new unreleased audio tracks available for streaming to all site visitors and downloadable dj mixes including this recent one featuring the sound of this year’s Burning Man festival:

Mystik Burning Man 2010 DJ ReduxXx by mystiksound


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Sit back, relax, and get ready to learn about Mystik, the audio production, DJ and live performance project of Peter Loomis. Currently based in San Francisco, Mystik is a resident DJ on performs online bi-weekly and is an active DJ and musician in the SF underground, producing dance music as well as supporting electronic music culture. He is also a co-producer with his brother Dave / Luminate in the psychedelic trance production act Mystik Luminate.

For more information please check out these other online resources:

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